February 28 Release Notes

This release adds a few new features, but is mainly about driving up quality in preparation for our beta release.


  • Integrated O/S updating.
  • Alert notification over SMS, Lambda, Web hook, email.

O/S Updating

This release adds management for O/S updates. Having SenseDeep manage O/S updates means that you can security update the O/S without creating a window for unauthorized file modifications. You can define whether your hosts are immutable, O/S managed updates or SenseDeep managed updates.


Alert Notification


SenseDeep provides a flexible alert notification mechanism so that you can be informed of important events via email, text message, web hook or lambda function. You can define multiple notification channels and select both the message format and events of interest.


  • Responsive UI for mobile
  • Improved UI look and feel
  • Optimize UI response
  • Many other small fixes

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