April 30 Release Notes

Almost there! All the core functionality is now in place. This release adds plenty of cloud-side configuration checking and integrates this to provide a more comprehensive cloud security solution.


  • Real-time cloud configuration monitoring
  • Multi-region support
  • Resource filtering via tags
  • IAM security management
  • AWS Security Group management
  • AWS EC2 management
  • AWS VPC management

Cloud-side audit scanning

The cloud scanning was enhanced to be invoked in response to an account change via Cloud Watch Events. Any change to an EC2 instance, security group or IAM setup will trigger an event and be immediately processed. This means that you now have real-time security management of the core AWS services.

Account Filtering

The account preferences can define the set of AWS regions to consider for management. By default, SenseDeep will auto-discover resources in all regions.

Resource Filtering

The SenseDeep EC2, IAM and VPC services can specify the resources to manage via AWS tags. Using this, you can selectively manage portions of an AWS account.

Other Smaller Features

  • Set security posture as basic, intermediate, advanced or expert
  • More quick action buttons when dispatching alerts
  • Quick suppress alert option from the alert list
  • Improve home dashboard timeline of attacks and threats


  • Fix scan results page alert/scans
  • Again, many small fixes

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