Q3 2017 Roadmap

Time to add some logging!

The focus this quarter will adding comprehensive log capture.

Why Capture Logs?

System log files record important security related information. When securely captured in real-time, they can record the footprints of attackers and may detail the actual activities and compromises inflicted by an attack.

It is vital for secure sites to store event data from server log files. These should be automatically captured and stored long enough to provide a complete record of recent activity.

Proposed Features

  • Capture instance log files
  • High performance capture of SystemD Journal log data
  • Capture Docker container logs
  • Capture JSON log files
  • Extensible to capture custom logs
  • Automatically save log data to AWS Cloud Watch Logs
  • Manage and control log data expiry
  • View log data in the SenseDeep app
  • Search log data
  • Live-tail viewer of log data

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