Users and Roles

You can create different user identies to control access to your SenseDeep account. Each user has a unique logon identity and can have roles assigned that limit their authorized access.

To edit or add users, go to the Account Users page.

Create Users

When you create a user, you specify the user's first and last name and a contact email address.

Edit User

Contact Email

The contact email address will be the user's login user name. The user will be prompted to create a password when they first log in. The email address is not used for SenseDeep security status notifications or account billing.


Currently two user roles are supported:

The user role does not permit access to billing, creating new users or other account wide activities. The manager role has full account access.

It is anticipated that more roles will be available in the future and that access control will be more granular. Tell us in the Help Feedback if this is important to you.

Password Reset

Managers can request a password reset for any account user. This will cause a reset email to be sent to the user.

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