SenseDeep Agent

Agent Registration

A server running the SenseDeep agent registers with your SenseDeep account by providing a token to the SenseDeep service when the agent starts. Registration tokens are unique to your account and should be safeguarded as you would a password.


When installing the SenseDeep agent as described on the Add Host page, you provide a valid registration token to the installation script. You can install the SenseDeep agent on individual servers, but more typically, you create an AMI that contains the installed agent. When instances are launched using the AMI, the agent starts and uses the token to register with the SenseDeep cloud service.

Alternatively you can install the agent as part of the AWS launch configuration user-data. The following command will download and install the agent:

wget -qO- | sudo bash TOKEN

Keep Tokens Safe

You should keep registration tokens secret, as you would any password. You should regularly generate new tokens and then later retire old tokens that are not required.

Updates and Maintenance

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