Real-time Automated Security for Developers

SenseDeep combines real-time automated scanning of your
entire site with cloud-smart intrusion detection.

SenseDeep shows exactly where you are vulnerable

Discover latent vulnerabilities — and fix them!

Detect when ...

  • servers are open to the public internet.
  • servers crash, are hacked, or go offline.
  • backend services are open to the public.
  • using EC2 without an IAM role.
  • using a weak password policy or stale passwords.
  • capture and record all server logs.
  • and much more ...

Deep Integration with AWS

Built for the cloud, understands highly dynamic workloads

  • Automatically track all your AWS instances.
  • Monitor servers in all regions and filter by region or tag.
  • Seamlessly manages newly launched AWS AutoScale instances.
  • Manages AWS and on-premises servers.
  • Collect logs from all your servers into CloudWatch Logs.

Lighten your load with Smart Alerts
and Automated Defenses

SenseDeep creates a list of security issues for you to address. It will aggregate similar issues so you don't get swamped.

Pin-points the exact cause of the security issue with full context.

Get notified by email, SMS, Lambda or web hook when a new security issue arises or choose to be notified only if your security status deteriorates.

Configure automated defenses to respond to issues

Detect and Stop Intrusions

Intrusion detection agent

  • Real-time intrusion detection
  • Quickly detect and stop attacks
  • Detect when files are modified
  • Detect when ports are open
  • Detect unauthorized processes
  • Watches log files
  • Automated defenses
  • Extremely efficient < 4MB and < 1% CPU
  • Agent is hardened against attacks

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