Simple Cloud Security

Empowering DevOps

Real-time Intrusion Detection and Cloud Audit
with Log Capture

Simple Automated Real-time AWS Cloud Security

Security service for AWS developers without a security team.

Know Your Vulnerabilities

Check cloud configuration and assets in real-time.

Verify servers and containers.

Detect Compromises

Detect and stop intrusions immediately.

Prevent Advanced Persistent Threats.


Threat Detectors

Detect unauthorized file modifications, unexpected program execution, unauthorized logins, malicious network traffic and more.

Detect real threats and eliminate false-positives.

Compact Agent

Server agent to detect compromises from the inside.

Highly efficient. Requires less than ~5MB and 1% CPU and can run inside Docker containers.

Simple Security for Your Site


Automated AWS cloud configuration audits. Have confidence your cloud configuration is secure.


Know immediately if your servers have been hacked with real-time threat detection. Record everything with centralized log capture.


The SenseDeep Agent is so efficient you can run it inside containers.

Affordable at $10 per month plus less than 2 cents per hour for each server.

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SenseDeep requires an AWS account.

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