The SenseDeep App user interface is designed to provide you a top-level security status dashboard, while making it easy to drill down to root cause events.


The navigation bar at the top of the screen has the following elements:

Reorder icon

The reorder icon will shrink the screen real estate occupied by the sidebar navigation icons. Clicking again will restore them to full width.

Pending Alerts Dropdown

The pending alert dropdown will list the most recent 5 alerts. You can click on an alert to display full details of the alert.


Login Email

The navigation bar will display your current login email address. To log out, click on your email address to display a logout option and select that.

Below the login email will be displayed the last time you logged in. This is an important security check.



The help menu option at the right-hand end of the navigation bar will invoke the Help Center and display specific help for the screen you are viewing.


The help center is a floating panel that will retract when you click anywhere outside the Help Center.

Support Help

At the bottom right of each screen is a floating chat icon.


When clicked, this displays the support chat panel and you can send messages to our support team. We typically respond to messages within a few hours.


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